Just What The Doctor Ordered

Can you guess who's going to have sinus surgery in June?!

Ummm hhmmm...that's right. And can you guess who would rather run through hell with gasoline drawers on instead?!

Do you recall the whole root canal ordeal? It was supposed to be a somewhat simple procedure. Ohh noo...not mine. It lasted for months seem like. So can you imagine why I'm dreading having someone drilling up my nose in an attempt to fix my 100% deviated right septum?

And what if when the Propofol wears off I wake up with a different voice? Not this nasally Miss Piggy one I've been subjecting folks to all these years, but another one...one that sounds like gold:

Remember Ted? He hit it big! That golden voice landed him jobs with Kraft and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He made the rounds on every national morning talk show and even got to sit next to Dr. Phil. 

I can see it now. The headline would look something like this:

Struggling Blogger's Life Changed by Polyp Removal

or what about this one:

Woman Survives Half Her Life Breathing Through One Nostril

This surgery could be my big break (no pun intended)...everything is riding on it.

I could become the next spokesperson for Breathe Right Strips! And then other offers will start pouring in!

Yes yes yes. This is all going to work out for the best. Thank you for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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