Vague Blog Disclosures Suck

At some point if you monetize your blog, you have to figure out how you're going to disclose the pay-for-play relationship you have with brands and sponsors you work with.

That's the decision I'm facing as I get set to announce my first paid spokesperson opportunity.

The guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission pretty much leave it up to the blogger as to how we do it, they just want to ensure it's done. 

I've seen it done all kinds of ways - from having a blanket disclosure statement to spelling it out in posts. Some bloggers take the extra step and let their readers know, link by link, when they're promoting affiliates.

Here's how I'm going to disclose the information to you:

In plain, non-confusing, free of legal jargon english at the end of each sponsored post.

Adding a separate disclosure page with cookie-cutter lingo doesn't work for me. Yes, that would make it clear that I may receive compensation, but it's still too ambiguous as far as I'm concerned. If I purchase something with my hard-earned money and decide to write about it, that's one thing. I don't want the lines to become blurred when I'm compensated for giving my opinion.

As my valued reader, it's not your job to figure out when I'm endorsing a product/service for money and when I'm not. I'd be up front with you even if I wasn't required by law to do so.

It all boils down to this: When the shoe is on the other foot, how do I want to be informed? How you answer that question should guide your decision making process when it comes to keeping your audience in the know.

Don't assume I'm turning my blog into fish stick and Febreeze territory. Ain't happening. You got my word. 

I'm simply doing my best to honor our relationship and the trust you bestow upon me. I'm grateful that you take the time to read, share, and engage with me here. 

Amberr declared my blog a "no-bullshit" zone. Let's keep it that way.

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  1. Each of my sponsored posts are disclosed. I add a simple note explaining that I was compensated in some format. This, along with my honesty on the topic, ensures there won't be any blurring of the lines. Soon I'm going to update my about me page to let my readers know that I've partnered with affiliates and from time to time will link to their products/services.

    Hugs and Mocha,

    Hugs and Mocha,


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